Roaster Oven including Gas


“I promised I would send you the pic I showed you on my phone of the enormous success we had with your big roaster. Steve cautioned me the beast might fall apart once he got a bit cooked so I put my long rotisserie rod right through him and locked the four-prong spikes at either end as well as twitching some strong tie wire through his loin to keep his spine up to the rotisserie rod. I was able to pick him up by the protruding ends of the rod to turn him around 180 degrees, which I did three times in 3 1/2 hours cooking and once in about 45 mins resting. I gave him 40 minutes on full blast each side (shelf thermometer read 250 C) and then the rest of the time turned the gas down to about half way (thermometer said 180 C). Have a go at the crackling – we actually got sick of crackling – well, almost. Piggy was home grown and home killed. He weighed 25kgs dressed – no head & no guts. Twenty people agreed it was the best pork ever and all thought your roaster was brilliant. Next day when we carved up the meat left on the carcass we found only a little pinkness in the deepest parts of his shoulder region. He was tender like butter melting in your mouth. Steve’s advice helped us get the great result – many thanks. Hope this info is useful to you and other customers.”

Best wishes Andrew C



Regular Price Including Gas – $ 155.00

Customer to supply Gas – $ 125.00

Roaster Oven with Bain Marie insert also available (Gas Included) – $ 99.00 


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